Student Information about Funding Cuts

Some background information

National Picture:

Since the world wide credit crunch the public funds have been under significant pressure. National government has made decisions about cutting the national debt which has resulted in major cuts on publicly funded organsiations like councils, the police, the armed forces, etc. Education has also been impacted with significant funding cuts for colleges and universities the cuts.

What does it mean at James Watt College?

  • Significant budget cut
  • Consulting about how these savings can be made
  • The consultation lasts for 90 days ending on the 20th April 2011
  • Proposals have been put to staff through their representatives
  • These proposals will be discussed and final decisions will be made at the end of the 90 days.
  • The college financial year runs from 1st August to 31st July
  • The savings need to be made for next year and will only affect next year's curriculum.
  • There will be no change in classes this year and every student will finish their course as usual.

This is a difficult time for everyone at the college and you should remember that everyone will have their individual view on it. There is also likely to be a lot of speculation, its best to stick to the facts. If you have any concerns please discuss them with your president or Learner Services. When there is more information we will come back and tell you.

James Watt College Response to Funding Cuts

Sue Pinder, Principal of James Watt College: “The impact of the recent funding cuts announced by the Scottish Funding Council for 2011-2012 has placed severe financial constraints on each and every college in Scotland. The measures we take to secure the future of the college will be hard for us all but let us remember that we are not alone.

“Our response to the cuts will be phased in order to ensure that we minimise the impact on learners and cause as little disruption to our ongoing business as possible. We will focus on reducing spend and activity in order to become more efficient and stay within budget.

“It is inevitable that some posts could potentially be removed from the college but it is hoped that majority of the posts may be lost through our voluntary severance scheme. Full details of the consultation will be available shortly.”

Your Questions Answered

Can you guarantee that my course will run next year?

We can't tell you that at this stage, remember this is a very big college with lots of courses running so it will be a small proportion of these affected.

I have been told that I won't be able to finish my course this year. Is this true?

That is not the case, classes will run as normal.

Is there any point in me applying for next year?

If you want a place at college next year you must apply soon as there is likely to be high demand for places.

April is too late for me to apply elsewhere, why has the consultation not started earlier?

The consultation was started when the college had information on the budget position. This was not available until 21st December 2010.

What happens if my course is cut?

Learner Services will work with everyone affected to look at alternatives for them either in the college or with other providers.

When will you be able to tell me if my course is running next year?

Final decisions will be made at the end of the consultation period.

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